Bob Holiday, Broadway's First Superman
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Super Stories
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Autogragh of Bob Holiday

A Walk Down
Memory Lane

Bob Holiday was a generous and gracious man. Take a walk down Memory Lane and learn a little more about The Man Behind the \S/.

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Archived Super Stories

The Brady Bunch

Bob Holiday and the Brady Bunch

Did you know that the creative talent behind the Brady Bunch wanted Bob Holiday in their show? What happened?

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CLARK A Short Film

A Short Film
You'll Love

Invest seven minutes in a delighful re-imagining of Clark—yes, THAT Clark—growing up! Thanks to for hosting.

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High School Musical

Bob Holiday
Superman and
Home Builder

The lovely Kathy Recchia met Bob Holiday the home builder. And she never forgot that he'd been Superman before that!

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Noel Neill

Meeting Lois Lane

There are a lot of perks for serving as Superman Bob Holiday's web master. This was an opportunity Toni Collins just couldn't pass up.

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Bob Holiday Trivia

How much do you know about Bob Holiday?

Here's your chance to flex YOUR Superman Bob Holiday muscles!

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Commemorative Brick

Bob Holiday is Finally
Memorialized in Metropolis

In 2003, Bob noticed that one particular Superman was missing ...

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A Typical Phone Call

A Typical Phone Call

For the last decade of Bob Holiday's life, webmaster Toni Collins phoned Bob on a weekly basis ...

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